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It is always sweet to hear entrepreneurs talk about their life, work and how they made a name doing business. Most times when we read these stories we think, these people have parts they don’t talk about. We always have the feeling we cannot be like them.

It is not easy to own a business. It takes your life. It consumes you.
The profit though is enormous.
Some say they never started a business because they couldn’t think of something to start or the environment wasn’t favourable. Most say there is no funding. That is really a cliché, its not fresh.

In this article, I m going to discuss how to start a business without funding. I ll also discuss what kind of funding you need to maintain a small business. I would not discuss how to take the business you ll start after starting the business you ll start after reading this article to the next level.
Be assured that you can make earnings by starting your own business.
We all possess certain gifts, these gifts lie in our presence our whole life. Most times we never use them because we don’t see the need to.
For some, they use these gifts as recreation to pass time. In most cases, these gifts could be transformed into income.
Some also have distaste for turning what they know how to do into profit. They feel it is a cheap way of making money.
The truth is that the cheaper your means of making money,the higher your profit.
It is easy to find something to start, it is easier to find something to start than actually starting it.
Let me list how you can find a business to start.
1. Think of what you do whenever you are free.
2.Think of things you did when you were little that you never got tired of
3. Do you consider yourself a good craftman- are you good with your hands?
4. Do you think you can learn a craft?
5. Do you know any friend who can teach you a craft?
6. Look at your surrounding and check out little services that are missing,find out why,see how you could satisfy that need.

The reason why craft re occurs in that list of thoughts is that, the easiest businesses to start are the ones that involve creativity. These businesses don’t consume lots of cash to start and they are of high profit depending on the individuals proficiency, efficiency,time management, bargaining power and how much creative power he s willing to expend.

This is a short list of businesses you could start that involve creativity. The good thing is that we are all creative. The problem we face most times is doubt. This doubt mostly comes from our past failures. Most of these failures were incurred in circular school, in relationships, in former businesses too.

Most times we scare away from starting something.

1. Small scale fashion business. I am not talking about starting big. You could even start by mending clothes. For ladies, you could get a lady friend to teach you how to make clothes for very little money.
2. shoe making. You can learn this in six months and even before the end of that period you would have started making some money from repairs.
3. jewellery making You can learn how to make wire jewellery in one video on the internet. There are lots of videos making jewellery online. All you have to do is focus.

I ‘ll stop there, not because I cannot continue, but I do not want to condition your thinking. The list is just to show you how much you have to think inward.

What you need to know is that you can start a business, you can become an entrepreneur.

You would realize from the list that small things can become real business. All you need is activating your creative mind.

For businesses like these, the kind of funding you need is getting clients that want your services. You do not really need to seek funds, all you need is to do your best to satisfy your first set of customers, they will advertise you.

That’s how you get the funding you need: through the jobs you get.

Your starting capital is always very low, you could even start in your bedroom.

‘We are all intelligent, some of us are brillant, some of us are both brillant and intelligent,shine your intelligence into your life and reflect it on others too. The world is asking.’ Agbefeyitimi Sam

Start thinking of starting your own business now. You can!