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Love, sex and money, have been a subject for debate for many years. Some have tried to prove that they are mutually exclusive. I Wouldn’t even try to pinch anyone’s panties on this matter.

Have you ever given critical thought into why single ladies enter into romantic relationship with married men? Or all you do when you see them is to just conclude. What we always say is,’hmm, girls and money”.
We find it easier to understand why men cheat on their wives. Boredom, frustration, unfulfilled fantasies, freedom,I can go on.
Allow me to take you on a journey into the mind of a lady who makes a decision to fornicate with an adulterer.

To make this easier I’ll just itemize:


    Ladies find it hard to stay single

these days, its like a curse on them when someone asks and they have to say they are single. They are desperate to be with someone, not because they want to but they feel the need that they have to. They don’t want a situation where the guy would get serious enough to want to get married but at the same time, he would be good to them.
2. Some ladies believe that if a married man could approach them, it means that there s something he needs from the wife at home that he s not getting. They fall under the illusion that maybe he has found it in them and perhaps he will leave his wife for them.

    These married men are very caring

they know how to take care of business. They make these ladies feel like queens. This makes some ladies stick to these men like tick on cow. Personally, its like believing rice is as good as food could get. These married men appear caring just because they have ladies at home, they have lived with women, they know exactly what ladies want. They cannot give it to the ones at home because it will make them look weak so they prefer to be vulnerable to the ladies outside. The singular reason for that is they can get rid of the ladies fast. Sorry, I m supposed to be talking about the ladies.

    These ladies want freedom

from engaging relationships. They want a relationship that wouldn’t grow into anything. A stagnant relationship is just appealing to them. Married men don’t want to be with ladies that want to follow them around. They want ladies that have a life of their own, sort of. They wouldn’t even complain about the ladies extra affairs, all they care about is getting what they want when they ask. Damn, I am talking about the guys again! Anyway, independence seeking ladies date married men!


    Most financially stable men are married

I wouldn’t say for sure that ladies need money excessively, but one thing I m sure they want, comfort. They like to be comfortable, even when they don’t deserve it. The only men that can give funds and won’t ask for too much, I mean all they ask for is probably sex and some attention.

I do not really need to advice ladies not to enter into relationship with married men, but I ll mention these:
1. Everything he tells you about his plans for you are lies.
2. He will never leave his wife for you.
3. He is with you just because he can send you off easily.

Feel free to share your thoughts!



I have always thought  about this bleaching thing as fad; something that ll fade over time. It seems like our ladies, even the fair ones, can’t help removing their natural skin.
I ll just drop it gbam! Of you bleach, you have issues. Social issues, complex issues, medical issues, I can keep going.
Let me first tell you what you do to yourself when you bleach.
What makes you dark is called melanin. When you apply lightening cream to a part of your dark body , you alter the melanin production in that part of your skin. What kills the melanin production is the ingredients in the product. Mercury is one and its really baddd. It can poison your body content.
Hydroquinone is another. This one causes unwanted and untreatable skin discoloration. That’s why you see ladies with all the colours of the rainbow on their face, only one face, haba!
– premature aging of the skin- ur skin would disgrace your real age
– skin cancer – I dont need to explain
– poor wound healing…hmm
– non artistic stretch marks-I m sure you know Zebra, yours would be MSM-multicoloured stretch marks.
Just think about these;
-No white woman( well I call them white because they re actually colorless) goes for melanin injection. Why should you kill your abundant melanin.
– why should someone become superior because they re colorless.

– common if you love who you re, you won’t damage your chassis, if you buy a new Benz painted black, would you just carry white paint to start repainting. No! You ll probably take it back to the manufacturer for repainting. In this case I think you ll need to pray to God to complain about your body colour.
I ll say this ; your color is always beautiful if you re beautiful. Your colour don’t make you…you make you YOU!
I have to stop here before some ladies use bleach to curse me.
So ladies, plus some foolish guys that bleach too, LOVE YASELF!
Till next time, STOP BLEACHING!