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Ebola is on the rampage. It is getting real help from civilisation. The easy movement of people from one place to another, one country to another, one continent to another, has made it easy for this virus to spread.
Right now, the way it spreads is making it difficult for scientists to be sure they understand its interaction with its host.
Here is a list of questions that could come up from what we have seen:
1. What we know is that Ebola hosts don’t become contagious until they start having symptoms. The question is, at what level of symptom does the person actually become contagious?
What is the relationship between the level of symptoms and degree of contact with host?
2. We know that if health workers wear Hazmat suit, they are protected. What is unclear is why they contract the virus a lot. The question that arise is that is it possible that the virus penetrates after a while? Afterall it is a virus, it might be smaller than the particle formation of some of these suits.
3. We also know that there are only few locations in Nigeria where you could get tested. Are these tests 100% accurate? Do these tests find presence of the virus in the body or they just find absence of other illnesses that possess the same symptoms?

We all want this epidemic causing virus eradicated but is it possible, under these circumstances?

My conclusion is that we know little about the virus. If we do not try to know more, this might break our race to bits.
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