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It is always sweet to hear entrepreneurs talk about their life, work and how they made a name doing business. Most times when we read these stories we think, these people have parts they don’t talk about. We always have the feeling we cannot be like them.

It is not easy to own a business. It takes your life. It consumes you.
The profit though is enormous.
Some say they never started a business because they couldn’t think of something to start or the environment wasn’t favourable. Most say there is no funding. That is really a cliché, its not fresh.

In this article, I m going to discuss how to start a business without funding. I ll also discuss what kind of funding you need to maintain a small business. I would not discuss how to take the business you ll start after starting the business you ll start after reading this article to the next level.
Be assured that you can make earnings by starting your own business.
We all possess certain gifts, these gifts lie in our presence our whole life. Most times we never use them because we don’t see the need to.
For some, they use these gifts as recreation to pass time. In most cases, these gifts could be transformed into income.
Some also have distaste for turning what they know how to do into profit. They feel it is a cheap way of making money.
The truth is that the cheaper your means of making money,the higher your profit.
It is easy to find something to start, it is easier to find something to start than actually starting it.
Let me list how you can find a business to start.
1. Think of what you do whenever you are free.
2.Think of things you did when you were little that you never got tired of
3. Do you consider yourself a good craftman- are you good with your hands?
4. Do you think you can learn a craft?
5. Do you know any friend who can teach you a craft?
6. Look at your surrounding and check out little services that are missing,find out why,see how you could satisfy that need.

The reason why craft re occurs in that list of thoughts is that, the easiest businesses to start are the ones that involve creativity. These businesses don’t consume lots of cash to start and they are of high profit depending on the individuals proficiency, efficiency,time management, bargaining power and how much creative power he s willing to expend.

This is a short list of businesses you could start that involve creativity. The good thing is that we are all creative. The problem we face most times is doubt. This doubt mostly comes from our past failures. Most of these failures were incurred in circular school, in relationships, in former businesses too.

Most times we scare away from starting something.

1. Small scale fashion business. I am not talking about starting big. You could even start by mending clothes. For ladies, you could get a lady friend to teach you how to make clothes for very little money.
2. shoe making. You can learn this in six months and even before the end of that period you would have started making some money from repairs.
3. jewellery making You can learn how to make wire jewellery in one video on the internet. There are lots of videos making jewellery online. All you have to do is focus.

I ‘ll stop there, not because I cannot continue, but I do not want to condition your thinking. The list is just to show you how much you have to think inward.

What you need to know is that you can start a business, you can become an entrepreneur.

You would realize from the list that small things can become real business. All you need is activating your creative mind.

For businesses like these, the kind of funding you need is getting clients that want your services. You do not really need to seek funds, all you need is to do your best to satisfy your first set of customers, they will advertise you.

That’s how you get the funding you need: through the jobs you get.

Your starting capital is always very low, you could even start in your bedroom.

‘We are all intelligent, some of us are brillant, some of us are both brillant and intelligent,shine your intelligence into your life and reflect it on others too. The world is asking.’ Agbefeyitimi Sam

Start thinking of starting your own business now. You can!


Hi guys, i have always said that i WIll talk about brain training in relation to self-development. it is going to be a long set of articles. i will make it as simple and easy to understand as possible.

In this article, i will introduce you to what brain training is and why you need to teach our brain to perform only the tasks you want it to perform.

An obedient brain is a brain that has been taught through discipline, perseverance and awareness of self. We are all born with certain tendencies. these tendencies are not permanent. they can be altered.

First, the brain is just a tool that coordinates human processes. Note that what it controls are processes not the thoughts that create the signals that brains pick up to turn to processes. the brain is a slave to MIND.

Have you ever noticed that there is no mention of the brain in the bible?

MIND controls your thought processes, you control your mind, your mind controls your brain. You are in total control of your MIND, you decide what enters and what stays out. That little analysis tells you that since you control your mind [and the mind controls the brain] you can be in total control of your actions, because what you do now is as a result of what you allowed your mind to take in so you can decide to REMOVE, REPLACE, RETAIN what is already in your mind which in turn affects your actions.

Training your brain using your mind is the only way to be a better human. it is like teaching your kid to stop bed-wetting, everything you do is focused on making the kid’s brain remember, every time he is in bed, that he is not in the toilet. What happens with an undisciplined brain is that when it is supposed to act, it forgets because it is not disciplined.

if you have a temper, what happens is that when issues that make you angry come up, your brain associates them with anger, so you get angry. A brain disciplined against anger still associates those events but REMEMBERS it must not send anger signals to the carrier. The carrier probably will smile instead of getting angry.

Note though, the brain in itself is civil. It’s absolutely rational. expressively calculating in its reflexes.

i am sure you have an idea of what you will learn in these series of articles. In the next article, we will discuss the brain, the heart, the mind. how you already use them reflexively and their pros and cons. thanks guys for reading.


It is not easy to start a business. It is not easy too to own a business. It is even harder to run a successful business.
   Daily challenges can drain your passion, your focus,  most of all your thinking strength.


Discipline can assist you with accomplishing these 5 points-
1. HAVE A WAKE UP TIME. IT is not compulsory for you to have a definite sleep time but you definitely must have a wake up time. If you do, you will sleep confidently knowing that you will wake up when you wake up.
    Having a wake up time without the use of alarm clocks will help you sleep longer and deeper.
Train your mind clock to wake you.


2. EXERCISE. When you wake up, it is best to do little exercise to activate and increase blood flow into the brain. It gives you inner energy to run your day without tiring out.

3. WORK HARD, NOT LONG. If you work for a company, this might not be possible. Company owners follow the trend of working long and hard. Those two don’t work together.
   If you own your business, always take a break. Trust me, if you work for 8 hours at a stretch, your productive time cannot be more than 20% of that time.
   Pick time in your mind when you ll take long breaks and short breaks. Your brain reacts to breaks as it will react to rewards for doing something so it will work more efficiently, knowing you will soon get some rest.

4. KEEP YOUR HEAD UP ALWAYS. You will face lots of troubles everyday at work. You will have disappointments. You will have failures. Do not ever get tired of solving problems. Challenges must come. You must face them. You don’t have to solve them immediately. Just don’t ever get sick of trying. The more you face those challenges, the more you enjoy your day. The more fulfilling work becomes.


5. SOLITUDE. This is not loneliness, it is just a state of being alone. A state of self engagement, self consciousness. It is agreeable, proficient company with ones self.
   You need this to conduct a sincere conversation with yourself about your day, about your business, about your life, about how all these affects your family.
    After your days work, find a quiet place, sit and stare into the blanks, speak within you. And talk about your failures for the day and your successes. Talk about what you can do about it too.


I am not trying to tell you how to live
I am just saying that self development is a guide to better living.

Its is general belief that money is the end game of every business. Most also believe that if they start a business that earns their needs and wants, they will be happy.
  Money shouldn’t be your reason to start a business career and there is no happiness in piling money. What you feel when you earn is just cerebral excitement.
1. Don’t ever go into a trade or business because you did your research on current value of entrepreneurs that run that class of business and you saw that they make a lot of money.
You ll be tempted to stop there but don’t. Dig deeper to find out how bad recession in that business could be.

This include, how much you ll spend in the first set of months after you start the business, before it starts making money.
If its services business, do your math to know all that you ll need. It can be devastating if its after you kick off newly that you start to realize there there s still a lot to do.
It is not compulsory for this mentor to know that you are under his tutorage. Read about entrepreneurs, tactically choose one that you realize you can understand how he deals with money. You could use them as guide.
Its always better if you get a real mentor you can go to for advice when you are in trouble.

I ll just break it down for you. You don’t need to be super educated to know the difference between asset and liability.
Asset brings money into the business while liability takes money out of the business.
Knowing this would assist you decision making process when you want to spend business fund.


I won’t say much about this now. All I ll say is that if happiness is what you re looking for, getting rich won’t give you. Fulfillment might.
If you successfully run your business to grow, which has nothing to do with how fast it has grown or how much it is making, you will have some satisfaction through sustainable development. ASK YOUR MENTOR ABOUT HAPPINESS.

Keep all these in mind if you want to start a business.
If what you need is money, go get a job.

I am not trying to shape your life
I m just saying that self development leads to better living.


We re all dreamers ultimately. Bringing it to daylight can take our existence. Sometimes our dreams die with us. Sometimes it comes out. That’s why we go from prodigy to entrepreneur.
Everytime I read a motivational book, all they say is that all we need to do to become successful is to be focused, follow your dreams, take chances, bla, bla, bla.
Fine, all those qualities re required but the first thing you need to do is STAY ALIVE!
To be successful in whatever business or career you choose, do all you can to stay alive first or else your dream ll end up in the morgue.
It is when you have protected your survival that you can dream. Then achieve.
Just know that entrepreneurship would almost kill you but don’t let it.

Always breathe. I mean literarily… Breathe!
If you protect your health now, then when your dreams start to manifest you ll have good enough health to enjoy it.

1. Eat right
2. Rest, rest, rest
3. Take life simple, the only achievement you possess from anxiety is restlessness, a Heart attack then ultimately, a stroke. That’s how to send your dream to the morgue, by the way, it ll take you along.
4. Always know that you ll get to your destination, anxious or not.

Till we speak again keep, your head up, your heart in check, your brain in mind!