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A lot of people have died of Ebola in this recent outbreak. There are over 400 health workers already infected and over 200 have consequently died.
Study shows that the virus is not airborne, meaning you cannot contract it by breathing in air. It could also be explained that the virus is not present in the respiratory tract so it does not get exhaled during gaseous exchange.
Let’s look at it this way: if it happens that a symptomatic patient sneezes on a care giver, or if the patient wipes sweat and splashes it away, or if a patient pees on another person.
These scenario mean that one can contract the virus without touching the patient.
We also need to recognise that the closer these patients get to the point of shock, the more contagious they get. That is why most of those that have died are either health workers or relatives who care for their folks.
These scenarios, especially mucous from sneezing and phlegm from coughing, might be how most care givers that don’t wear protection contract the virus. These are symptoms of Ebola so a patient will have them.
Let’s all be careful.
The fight against this virulence can be won through information.
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