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Hi guys, the whole world is in the scare mood now. Ebola has succeeded to take the news, education, business, it has our minds.
Since it entered Nigeria, people have died of misinformation.
It looks as if this thing is going to destroy us, not by infecting us, but by fear.
Come to think of it, AIDS alone takes more than a million lives per year in Africa — a thousand times the toll of this Ebola outbreak so far.
Lung infections such as pneumonia are close behind as the No. 2 killer. Malaria and diarrhea claim hundreds of thousands of African children each year.
Americans fretting about their own health would be better off focusing on getting a flu shot this fall. Flu is blamed for about 24,000 U.S. deaths per year.
I have come up with 3 reasons why we do not need to fear this fever.

1. Ebola doesn’t spread easily, the way a cold virus or the flu does. It is only spread by direct contact with bodily fluids such as blood, saliva, sweat and urine. Family members have contracted it by caring for their relatives or handling an infected body as part of burial practices. People aren’t contagious until they show symptoms. Symptoms may not appear until 21 days after exposure. Note that, for most people symptoms start showing after 21 days. Anyone who has had contact with the person before they start getting symptomatic are free.

2.”People should not be afraid of casual exposure on a subway or an airplane,” said Dr. Robert Black, professor of international health at Johns Hopkins University.

3.Lets talk about Tuberculosis – Although it is treatable and not always deadly it is still deadly. We always seem to forget about this one,. Easily transmitted. People with ‘active’ TB, can sign, cough, sneeze and spread it. It’s that easy. The scariest part is a person not being treated regularly for TB or who doesn’t know they have it will infect 10 people a year.
It is estimated by CDC and WHO that there are 8.45 million new cases every year.

Odds of dying after getting TB – 1 in 6

Population of lagos, Nigeria as at 1991 was about 5 million. If 100 people are symptomatic with ebola,
there is 1 in 50000 odds of one lagosian contracting Ebola. So you see!

Instead of getting scared, get educated. Know about Ebola. I have an article on all you need to know about ebola here



Have you ever thought about washing your phones? Maybe dipping them in detergent overnight? Trust me, you might need to.
FACT: Most handsets carry 18 times more germs than the flush handle in men’s toilet. Infact handsets carry food poisoning bugs too. Now this is how it goes. You give your phone to someone then you collect it back then you put it down, you pick it up…bla bla bla
As you transfer your phone around, you re Sharing germs, bacteria and bug between yourself and your phone. Mind you, your phone won’t die of these but you might.
My main concern here is a bacteria called salmonella typhi. The causative agent for typhoid is passed on mostly by the hand, so if you pass your phone to someone who has typhoid, you might catch it.
I guess I have successfully scared you.
Now let’s see what you can  do to prevent your phone from killing you.
1. Always wash your hands…it is hygiene 101. Count the no of times you pray and count the no of times you wash your hands. Wash your hands more o
2. Never ever take your phones to the toilet or bathroom whatever . it will carry germs
3. Dont ever place your phone near dirt. Clean where you want to put your phone.
4. Just sit down calmly and estimate the amount of dirt you come in contact with everyday, and just assume they ll all make it to your phone
5. Take time to remove your phone casing to Clean as thoroughly as possible.
Always remember that everything you use can turn against you. Your dear phone too can.
Until I get back to you again with some life saving info, I ll say bye now!