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Love, sex and money, have been a subject for debate for many years. Some have tried to prove that they are mutually exclusive. I Wouldn’t even try to pinch anyone’s panties on this matter.

Have you ever given critical thought into why single ladies enter into romantic relationship with married men? Or all you do when you see them is to just conclude. What we always say is,’hmm, girls and money”.
We find it easier to understand why men cheat on their wives. Boredom, frustration, unfulfilled fantasies, freedom,I can go on.
Allow me to take you on a journey into the mind of a lady who makes a decision to fornicate with an adulterer.

To make this easier I’ll just itemize:


    Ladies find it hard to stay single

these days, its like a curse on them when someone asks and they have to say they are single. They are desperate to be with someone, not because they want to but they feel the need that they have to. They don’t want a situation where the guy would get serious enough to want to get married but at the same time, he would be good to them.
2. Some ladies believe that if a married man could approach them, it means that there s something he needs from the wife at home that he s not getting. They fall under the illusion that maybe he has found it in them and perhaps he will leave his wife for them.

    These married men are very caring

they know how to take care of business. They make these ladies feel like queens. This makes some ladies stick to these men like tick on cow. Personally, its like believing rice is as good as food could get. These married men appear caring just because they have ladies at home, they have lived with women, they know exactly what ladies want. They cannot give it to the ones at home because it will make them look weak so they prefer to be vulnerable to the ladies outside. The singular reason for that is they can get rid of the ladies fast. Sorry, I m supposed to be talking about the ladies.

    These ladies want freedom

from engaging relationships. They want a relationship that wouldn’t grow into anything. A stagnant relationship is just appealing to them. Married men don’t want to be with ladies that want to follow them around. They want ladies that have a life of their own, sort of. They wouldn’t even complain about the ladies extra affairs, all they care about is getting what they want when they ask. Damn, I am talking about the guys again! Anyway, independence seeking ladies date married men!


    Most financially stable men are married

I wouldn’t say for sure that ladies need money excessively, but one thing I m sure they want, comfort. They like to be comfortable, even when they don’t deserve it. The only men that can give funds and won’t ask for too much, I mean all they ask for is probably sex and some attention.

I do not really need to advice ladies not to enter into relationship with married men, but I ll mention these:
1. Everything he tells you about his plans for you are lies.
2. He will never leave his wife for you.
3. He is with you just because he can send you off easily.

Feel free to share your thoughts!

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It is not easy to start a business. It is not easy too to own a business. It is even harder to run a successful business.
   Daily challenges can drain your passion, your focus,  most of all your thinking strength.


Discipline can assist you with accomplishing these 5 points-
1. HAVE A WAKE UP TIME. IT is not compulsory for you to have a definite sleep time but you definitely must have a wake up time. If you do, you will sleep confidently knowing that you will wake up when you wake up.
    Having a wake up time without the use of alarm clocks will help you sleep longer and deeper.
Train your mind clock to wake you.


2. EXERCISE. When you wake up, it is best to do little exercise to activate and increase blood flow into the brain. It gives you inner energy to run your day without tiring out.

3. WORK HARD, NOT LONG. If you work for a company, this might not be possible. Company owners follow the trend of working long and hard. Those two don’t work together.
   If you own your business, always take a break. Trust me, if you work for 8 hours at a stretch, your productive time cannot be more than 20% of that time.
   Pick time in your mind when you ll take long breaks and short breaks. Your brain reacts to breaks as it will react to rewards for doing something so it will work more efficiently, knowing you will soon get some rest.

4. KEEP YOUR HEAD UP ALWAYS. You will face lots of troubles everyday at work. You will have disappointments. You will have failures. Do not ever get tired of solving problems. Challenges must come. You must face them. You don’t have to solve them immediately. Just don’t ever get sick of trying. The more you face those challenges, the more you enjoy your day. The more fulfilling work becomes.


5. SOLITUDE. This is not loneliness, it is just a state of being alone. A state of self engagement, self consciousness. It is agreeable, proficient company with ones self.
   You need this to conduct a sincere conversation with yourself about your day, about your business, about your life, about how all these affects your family.
    After your days work, find a quiet place, sit and stare into the blanks, speak within you. And talk about your failures for the day and your successes. Talk about what you can do about it too.


I am not trying to tell you how to live
I am just saying that self development is a guide to better living.


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In our previous conversation, I explained that talent is relative to environment, exposure, and how adventurous you are. In essence you cannot discover talent in a field you didn’t already explore. ( if you missed it, read it here)
   Today, we ll talk about how to combine talent and skills you acquired in relation to the talent you discovered and the passion you have in relation to all these.
    The first thing I ‘ll tell you is that being talented is a brain thing. The ability to identify and coordinate events that occur in relation to what you know how to do is totally a brain thing. It is how you train your brain to respond that determines how you ll use these qualities. We ll talk about that later.

I ll list FOUR ways to use talent relative to passion and skill.

1. Knowing that TALENT IS NOT ENOUGH to get ahead anymore should make you want to acquire skills as much as possible, as long as possible. This will help you harness your talent.

2. RELY ON YOUR SKILL SET NOT YOUR TALENT– this will help your professionalism. If you rely on skill, you ll always do things the right way. Then with some little icing that the fact that you are talented will add, you ll stand out.

3. WHEN YOU FAIL, it is your skill set that failed you. If you are passionate about what you do, you will feel really bad when it is pointed out to you. You ll easily make corrections instead of arguing.


Know that you shouldn’t ever combine talent and passion alone as a means of getting ahead. They might fail you.
Always combine them with skill. Skill, when properly acquired will definitely not fail you!

We now know that talents are like natural resource, it is the one we explore we discover. We know how to use them to get ahead. We know how to combine skill and passion  with talent.
This is where this series ends.
Next we will go back to the basics.
We ll talk about our brain. And how we can use it. How we can make our brain obey.
Thanks guys. Talk soon.




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Hi guys, I was working on a post when this came to my thought. This is a thought I had years ago.
  These  days, it is very common to see people using straws to take drinks. Some ll say its just because the bottle- neck tip could be dirty.


  Here is my thought: who is more careful? The retailers in stores, shops, pubs, stands and those hawking or the manufacturers of the drinks.
   One thing is that you can easily see the tip of a bottle to notice dirt. Its not the same for the straws. You hardly see the dirt inside it.


   That said, there are other reasons why you should avoid straws as much as possible.
    It could give you TOOTH DECAY. That is because using straws make you leave liquid in your mouth for long so if you take drinks with lots of sugar, you are at risk.
     it could cause BLOATING. As you sip, you sip air with the drink so it causes air to fill you up. At the same time it makes you drink more which could be good or bad.
    My point is if you should take straws:
1. Take straws that are sealed (in countries where buying in traffic is common, straws are not sealed. Drinking from the bottle might be safer, if you don’t want to contact typhoid)
2. Always remember the first point.

Till we talk again, remember I am not telling you how to live, but that SELF DEVELOPMENT LEADS TO BETTER LIVING!

Something struck me this morning so I want to share.
We all hear we shouldn’t drink and drive, we shouldn’t eat and drive, we shouldn’t sleep and drive. In fact don’t think and drive. You can do all this and drive really, at your own risk though.
My concern is how we use phones  while driving. Its best not to use phones while driving but I guess saying it again is cliché, you won’t listen, so I ll teach you how to text and drive. Its simple really.



Don’t ever place your phone around the gear area to use, thinking you are hiding it from police.


Placing it on the steering wheel gives you very good viewing angle of your surrounding.


You could do this too!
You might still get caught or have an accident but at least you ll see it coming.
This is good practice!


We ll talk soon!


Typhoid fever, also known as salmonella enterica serovar Typhi, is a deadly infection that has taken the life of many people you know and some notable people you also know but never knew what killed them. i ll blow your mind- if you remember the Wright brothers, the one known as Wilbur Wright [inventors of what we know today as the airplane was killed by typhoid. The greek empire’s alexander the Great was killed by typhoid. if we decide to come home, famous comedian, orator,philanthropist Gbenga Adeboye was diagnosed of Typhoid after it has damaged other main organs in his body.

Worldwide typhoid fever affects roughly 17 million people annually, causing the deaths of over 600,000. Note that these deaths occur mostly in developing countries. In developed countries, the infection has been effectively eradicated, in the  united states in 2006 there were only 266 cases, and 70% of that number have been to Asia, Africa or the middle east.

For starters, i m going  to discuss what salmonella typhi is in layman’s term in this first article. In subsequent articles, i will explain how it is contacted then the symptoms, how differentials are done, then how to treat. the final article will be how to avoid this infection. So lets move!

what is typhoid?

Ttyphoid fever is a life threatening disease caused by an infection caused by a bacteria called Samonella Typhi. This infection affects the intestinal tract, then secondarily it can pass to the spleen, liver, bone marrow etc if not treated.

This infection affects the body in two  stages- stage i, ii

Stage i- Incubation period- This stage the carrier  feels no symptom. At this stage it is already in the intestinal tract

stage ii: At this stage the person becomes symptomatic. the first set of symptoms appear. They include: lingering headaches, body aches, high temperature. General symptoms of malaria. If untreated, it ll keep occurring for two to three days till the fever becomes high with temperature ranging from 39 degrees to 42 degrees. Then abdominal discomfort in the form of constipation which will result in inability to pass stool to diarrhea, it can also result in intestinal bleeding.

One thing that should be in our mind is that typhoid carries the same symptoms as some other infections and diseases. Such as malaria, meningitis. So the only ways one can be sure of what it is is through medical tests using blood samples, stool cultures, urine samples.

In the next article, we ll discuss  how differentials {diagnosis}  are done, then how to treat. the final article will be how to avoid this infection. So lets move!

Feel free to comment or ask questions.


I have always thought  about this bleaching thing as fad; something that ll fade over time. It seems like our ladies, even the fair ones, can’t help removing their natural skin.
I ll just drop it gbam! Of you bleach, you have issues. Social issues, complex issues, medical issues, I can keep going.
Let me first tell you what you do to yourself when you bleach.
What makes you dark is called melanin. When you apply lightening cream to a part of your dark body , you alter the melanin production in that part of your skin. What kills the melanin production is the ingredients in the product. Mercury is one and its really baddd. It can poison your body content.
Hydroquinone is another. This one causes unwanted and untreatable skin discoloration. That’s why you see ladies with all the colours of the rainbow on their face, only one face, haba!
– premature aging of the skin- ur skin would disgrace your real age
– skin cancer – I dont need to explain
– poor wound healing…hmm
– non artistic stretch marks-I m sure you know Zebra, yours would be MSM-multicoloured stretch marks.
Just think about these;
-No white woman( well I call them white because they re actually colorless) goes for melanin injection. Why should you kill your abundant melanin.
– why should someone become superior because they re colorless.

– common if you love who you re, you won’t damage your chassis, if you buy a new Benz painted black, would you just carry white paint to start repainting. No! You ll probably take it back to the manufacturer for repainting. In this case I think you ll need to pray to God to complain about your body colour.
I ll say this ; your color is always beautiful if you re beautiful. Your colour don’t make you…you make you YOU!
I have to stop here before some ladies use bleach to curse me.
So ladies, plus some foolish guys that bleach too, LOVE YASELF!
Till next time, STOP BLEACHING!