Hi guys, i have always said that i WIll talk about brain training in relation to self-development. it is going to be a long set of articles. i will make it as simple and easy to understand as possible.

In this article, i will introduce you to what brain training is and why you need to teach our brain to perform only the tasks you want it to perform.

An obedient brain is a brain that has been taught through discipline, perseverance and awareness of self. We are all born with certain tendencies. these tendencies are not permanent. they can be altered.

First, the brain is just a tool that coordinates human processes. Note that what it controls are processes not the thoughts that create the signals that brains pick up to turn to processes. the brain is a slave to MIND.

Have you ever noticed that there is no mention of the brain in the bible?

MIND controls your thought processes, you control your mind, your mind controls your brain. You are in total control of your MIND, you decide what enters and what stays out. That little analysis tells you that since you control your mind [and the mind controls the brain] you can be in total control of your actions, because what you do now is as a result of what you allowed your mind to take in so you can decide to REMOVE, REPLACE, RETAIN what is already in your mind which in turn affects your actions.

Training your brain using your mind is the only way to be a better human. it is like teaching your kid to stop bed-wetting, everything you do is focused on making the kid’s brain remember, every time he is in bed, that he is not in the toilet. What happens with an undisciplined brain is that when it is supposed to act, it forgets because it is not disciplined.

if you have a temper, what happens is that when issues that make you angry come up, your brain associates them with anger, so you get angry. A brain disciplined against anger still associates those events but REMEMBERS it must not send anger signals to the carrier. The carrier probably will smile instead of getting angry.

Note though, the brain in itself is civil. It’s absolutely rational. expressively calculating in its reflexes.

i am sure you have an idea of what you will learn in these series of articles. In the next article, we will discuss the brain, the heart, the mind. how you already use them reflexively and their pros and cons. thanks guys for reading.



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