Posted: June 23, 2014 in entrepreneurship
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I wrote earlier about what you need first to succeed in any life course. I talked about staying alive. If you missed it, get it here
It is a common thought that people who succeed are the ones who found what they have passion for. It is simply edged into us that we have to do something we have passion for, to be successful and happy.
We indeed take our time to find what ‘ we exactly should do ‘ with our life.


Lets think about this: does passion pre-exist birth?
No. Passion for doing something is developed consciously or reflexively through life experiences and exposures. This means that you develop passion for things you already like doing.
All I m saying is don’t go about looking for what you should do with your life, in the name of finding what you have passion for. What you do now is something you can develop passion for and you ll end up loving it.

Keep this in mind though: becoming passionate about your career is easy, keeping it up at all times is hard so always remember that you re in control of your passion and passion is just a tool to let you sail through life, successfully, happily.
We ll speak again soon.

  1. mark says:

    strong thought, I am energized!


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