Posted: June 21, 2014 in Uncategorized

Hi guys, I was working on a post when this came to my thought. This is a thought I had years ago.
  These  days, it is very common to see people using straws to take drinks. Some ll say its just because the bottle- neck tip could be dirty.


  Here is my thought: who is more careful? The retailers in stores, shops, pubs, stands and those hawking or the manufacturers of the drinks.
   One thing is that you can easily see the tip of a bottle to notice dirt. Its not the same for the straws. You hardly see the dirt inside it.


   That said, there are other reasons why you should avoid straws as much as possible.
    It could give you TOOTH DECAY. That is because using straws make you leave liquid in your mouth for long so if you take drinks with lots of sugar, you are at risk.
     it could cause BLOATING. As you sip, you sip air with the drink so it causes air to fill you up. At the same time it makes you drink more which could be good or bad.
    My point is if you should take straws:
1. Take straws that are sealed (in countries where buying in traffic is common, straws are not sealed. Drinking from the bottle might be safer, if you don’t want to contact typhoid)
2. Always remember the first point.

Till we talk again, remember I am not telling you how to live, but that SELF DEVELOPMENT LEADS TO BETTER LIVING!


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