Posted: June 18, 2014 in xcerta prose
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The screech of the tyres of an over speeding, drunk driver’s car, as he slams on the brakes to avoid a fatal hit on a 6yr old girl hopping clueless across the road. Her mother was humming oruka ti dowo Na (wedding song) as she steers garri (african food) rhythmically on the fire, the sound of the steerer as it hits the pot compliments her low tones.
She heard the screech, she heard the scream of a child mix with the high tone of the complaining tyres, her voice raised in emotional choir e gba Mi o! (Help)
She raced towards the compilation of sounds, her slippers slapping her heels in a systematic accolade, percussion, that of omele ako and bata.(African drums)
As she ran, her breasts juggled in a silent dance without the sound of shekere.(African drum) Her legs swipe the bush path in such regular frequency that it seemed prearranged. Bats flew away with sound of wind control in fear of sudden intrusion. She reaches the road and sights her child at the other end of the road petrified in front of the car. Her silent scream can be seen in that nights moonlight. The running engine of the car made distant serenade to which the scream of the drunk man’s kuro loju ona (leave the road) added backup to It all.
The woman opened her mouth to link up this acapella…there was a pause….

From every drop of leaf
To every sneeze of kids
Music in every sound

At that train station, sound of a train as it gallops frequently along its expansion joints, making gbagagbaga gbagagbaga like the talking drum. People gather to enter as soon as it gets to the station. The intense noise becomes loud hum from afar.
As they rushed, a man fell and as he opened his mouth to scream…there was a pause…
     As the flag is raised at 6am in the barrack morning. The beagle is blown.     As soothingly cold morning breeze slaps the flag’s fly, it claps back making merry with the sound of the beagle. The commandant marches over and stomps his shoes, raps, attention! Stand at ease!
A mosquito starts buzzing around the commandant, singing violinic to his ears. He was at attention and as he raised his hand to slap the mosquito hard against himself…there was a pause…
Then the obvious music starts!
There is rthym in every voice
There is music in every word
Music in every sound.

Never let your life pass without music
Suck it from every sound you hear
There is only one option
The way through!

  1. mark says:

    nice post. makes making music a part of life


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