Posted: June 3, 2014 in information
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Have you ever heard anyone say something like, ‘I don’t lie’.
That is a lie.
It is a definitive part of man to lie.

A lie with a purpose is one of the worst kind, and the
most profitable Finley Peter Dunne

Stanford Encyclopedia of philosophy defines lie as false statement with the  intention to deceive.
Most of us will argue that definition. Some will say intention is the sole strength of that definition.
What if the person s intention was to tell the truth, not knowing it was a lie. It is still a lie. It might be attributed to the originator of the  information but its still ‘lie’.

A fellow who says he s never told a lie just told one

This definition sounds better- A lie is an assertion,  the content of which the speaker believes to be false, which is made with the sole intention of deceiving the hearer with respect to that content.
I’d say a lie is the summation of all uttered bit of statements, that the utterer knows to be false with the goal of deceiving the hearer.
Let me tell you what happens in your brain every time you lie:
3 main sections of the brain are active  when you lie…they help you fabricate polish and sell a good lie

1. Frontal lobe helps you suppress the truth.

2. Limbic system is active because of the anxiety that comes with deception.

3. Temporal lobe is responsible for retrieving memories and creating mental imagery. This would help you create a false timeline in your brain, make sure there is a vivid image of what didn’t happen and in the end you make false memory real.

It ll help you remember too.
It turns you into a super con.

That’s stressful but its worth it.
Don’t tell me your lies come as reflex- reflexes are involuntary movements.
Don’t tell me its your brain, you tell your brain what what to do not vice versa…well that is topic for another day.
Don’t tell me its Satan! He s just relaxing somewhere.

What exactly make you lie?

Ego and Pride…that’s all! Surprised?

Your kid asks you,’dad, what re the colours of the rainbow ?(by the way it is rain…bow…)all you had to say is,’baby I don’t know. Gbam!’ But no you wont say that because you have to show your kid you re knowledgeable so you confuse your kid,’baby, they re a lot of them. You know we re not supposed to count things that God made’. Liar!

Watch it, I m not saying you shouldn’t lie. All I m saying is that the next time you see me…don’t ever tell me you do not lie because you do.

All I ask is keep your temporal lobe in check, so that you ll always make your lie a reality. Anytime there is need for it.

So guys, lets keep filling the world with lies.

Till we meet again. Everybody, lie!

  1. amaka says:

    Didn’t Alexander d grate die of malaria?


    • xcerta says:

      Historical reports say he died of multiple causes. According to the symptom analysis, he might have died of either or all of these; malaria, typhoid, poisoning. symptoms like abdominal pain that made him cry out, severe high temperature, chills, weakness probably because of diarrhea. All these point to infection in his intestinal tract, which could be typhoid.


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