Posted: June 1, 2014 in information
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Every time  I hear another guy calling a lady ‘angel’, I m always like,’ what the hell?’
Call me queer, it is funny, eccentric, weird….What bothers me about these men is this – How do you look at a woman and what comes to your mind is ‘Angel’. Common, you v never seen one, you v heard of few. Very few. The few you v heard of are MEN.

Biblically, the few angels that have been to our planet are always referred to as men. We even name our children after some of them. We name our male children after them. Male! Yes!

In Bible stories, the only time the bible talked about mass angels coming to our planet, they came here to rape our women. Unless they were lesbians…well they weren’t because they gave birth to kids.

Seriously, most pet names re funny foolish, but we could still find reasonable similarities between those names and their resulting description:
Let’s see…honey: how can you look at your wife and honey comes to your mind. It ll make more sense if you call your whore honey because it is understandable. We can still take it in though.

Some say it is because their ladies re beautiful beyond comprehension. First , that s just aesthetics. Second, re angels supposed to be pretty. Common, these re powerful – beyond-  measure- creatures not beautiful -beyond- comprehension- creatures

But ‘angel’ is a no no. Angels re pure, perfect, unblemished, scripturally clean creatures. Calling your ladies angels diminishes the purity of being an angel…no offence to the ladies.

All I m saying is look for another pet name , better still, call your ladies by the name their parents gave to them. And I m serious. GBAM!

So guys thanks for reading, beautiful  ladies…you re beautiful… Lol
Have a purely peaceful Sunday!

  1. xcerta says:

    Well I guess men should put more thought into choosing pet names for their ladies


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