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The first thing you need to understand is that diagnosis cannot be carried out through mere physical observation of a patient by a medical practitioner. The reason is that it cannot be conclusive.

Therefore tests have to be carried out.

The tests include:

  1. Blood sample (widal test)
  2. Stool or urine
  3. Bone marrow culture

BLOOD SAMPLE: Blood sample will be taken. Then you ll be asked to wait or return later for the test result. If the result is inconclusive then the doctor might require stool sample to detect s . typhi.

STOOL: Stool sample will be taken then you ll be asked to wait for about three days to get the result. The result will be definitive.

BONE MARROW  CULTURE: This is rarely done because the procedure is long and the test is painful. Only when the other tests are not conclusive is when this test is recommended.


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